Mommying from the Heart

What is COVID-19 🦠Teaching Me as a Momma? PART 2: Alone⏰ Time is Necessary📍⚠️

As a stay at home momma, alone time can be very foreign, especially in the middle of a pandemic. Some days I feel like I am always on and have neglected myself in a major way. But my family is cared for with their needs and wants, I feel successful in how I have been… Continue reading What is COVID-19 🦠Teaching Me as a Momma? PART 2: Alone⏰ Time is Necessary📍⚠️

Mommying from the Heart


My Dear Officer Duce, Full of life, innoncence, brilliance, compassion,spontaneity, and laughter. How can I explain to you that this very costume you wear with glee during pretend time, doesn't reciprocate the same love in this big world you're apart of? How do I as your mommy allow you to continue to carelessly dance in… Continue reading OFFICER DUCE🚔👮🏽‍♂️


“Homeschooling Duce”📚 Part 2: The Classroom Experience

I started out sharing about the socialization aspect of homeschooling because it's the most downplayed and misconstrued perception of homeschooling out there. However, there is even more fun that goes on inside the home-in the “classroom” per se, that Duce and I have enjoyed over this last year...LEARNING! Now this is the part that can… Continue reading “Homeschooling Duce”📚 Part 2: The Classroom Experience

Mommying from the Heart

1 Thessalonians 5: 16-18💙👼🏽💙

By no means am I an expert, experienced mommy or know it all when it comes to this mommy life. However, I am a God-fearing first time mommy, who has spent the last couple of months learning a lot about myself, taking care of the most beautiful gift I believe God can give a woman… Continue reading 1 Thessalonians 5: 16-18💙👼🏽💙