Author D.M. Whitaker

Author D.M. Whitaker

As many of you know, who’ve followed my blog, I love to write! I actually have an English-Creative Writing degree! Some of my best memories from undergrad were me discovering my passion for writing! It was therapy for me at the time as I dealt with my brother’s incarceration and my then broken relationship with my mother. I wrote so many stories, poems and essays.

But once I walked across the stage, I knew my heart’s desire was to work with children and at risk youth. So I spent some time in the social service arena, as an Assistant Family Teacher supporting Family Teachers that loved and cared for at risk youth, by providing them a healthy home environment and teaching them social skills to help them grow and re-enter their familial environments post treatment. I also spent some time working with families and children in foster care who were working on reunification, providing them support and teaching them how to parent with social skills. I think my favorite time in the social work sector was as a Truancy Specialist. I worked in a high school, supporting teens as they strived to improve their attendance, behavior, grades and relationships with teachers and staff with a goal to graduate. Teaching them social skills dealt with a lot of situational rationales and role plays that we went through to prepare and help them to be successful in the classroom, with their administrators and even at their place of employment.

When I entered the classroom as a middle school reading teacher, I knew that social skills would be a tool to help my students build healthy relationships with their peers and teachers. I was fortunate enough to work at a school that embraced and implemented the use of social skill education in the classroom. Through the use of these skills I provided structure, consistency, compassion and trust with my students in my classroom.


So it’s easy to say that I’ve first hand witnessed the benefits that teaching social skills can have on the development and relationships of kids. So much so, that I, as a storyteller, want to creatively contribute to teaching children some of these important skills through fun and creative stories, to help them to be their very best and thrive in all the environments they find themselves in.


My functional skill books focus on teaching children how to gain independence in their daily living. These skills are applied immediately to their lives and help to establish a quality of life. From brushing your teeth, to potty training, getting dressed for your day, praying and so many other skills of life.

I hope that all the children in your life enjoy the stories and that they start dialogue in your homes, schools and community that’s rich and impactful!

To get your copies of these books today head over to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million, or wherever you purchase your books!

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If you’re a principal, teacher, librarian or community leader, I’d love to come to your school, library and events to do an engaging and interactive read aloud with your students! Contact me today!

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Until next time, get lost in a good book and give the gift of imagination and curiosity!

~Soli deo Gloria💜

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