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Da'Quisha Whitaker and her sons with the Scary Dinosaur and Stinky Skunk Series books
New to the adventurous, challenging, yet fulfilling world of motherhood, I’m an educator turned stay-at-home mommy. I spent 10 years of my life working with other people’s children in schools and enriched non-profit programming, and I want to think that at least some of that has to help this new momma with motherhood! Boy WAS I wrong! Nevertheless, with God’s grace, prayer, two adorable boys who reassures me, and a supportive husband, I plan on kicking motherhood’s butt, and hopefully helping other mothers do the same! Mommying ain’t easy, but somebody’s gotta do it!
When I am not being the best mommy God gives me the grace to be, I am a Children’s Book Author and own a book publishing and branding agency, Water Rocks Publishing! I write books that focus on daily life and social skills that all of our favorite little people need to know in order to be their best selves in their homes, classrooms, and communities. Head on over to my Author D.M. Whitaker Websiteand see what books I have available that would be a great addition to your family’s library or a wonderful gift to those you know and love.
Author D.M. Whitaker (Da'Quisha Whitaker) and Children's Books

~Soli deo Gloria,

Da’Quisha 💜