Mommying from the Heart

What’s Your WHY Momma?

As my life and career path has changed over the last 4 years, I have strived to identify and walk in God’s purpose for my life, seeking clarity as to where He wants me to be. At times it has been more cloudy and overcast than I would like to admit, but by no doing of God of course, only my lack of committed time with Him. It has made my purpose so unclear and unattainable to me in the past. It wasn’t until I began to actively seek Him daily in quiet time, prayer, devotion and study, that my view became clearer. 

So over the last couple of years, and especially in this last year in particular, I have sought out an intentional relationship with God. In doing that I have also eagerly searched for what my WHY is? What is the stamp on this side of heaven that I want to imprint in this world that keeps me walking in the will of God, brings me endless joy, but also, challenges and evolves me as a woman who wears many hats?

Now don’t get it confused. Being a mother is the highest and most important calling from God I could receive, and I am honored by this blessing daily and take it very serious. Motherhood is a high responsibility and a beautiful blessing that brings limitless happiness to those who are blessed to be called to this special role. Psalms 127:3 says, “Behold, children are a hertiage from the Lord, The fruit of the womb is a reward.” HERITAGE💪🏾 FRUIT💜

As motherhood is the highest honor God bestows on us, I do not want us mommas to forget who we are outside of being amazing mommas to our babies. We are called to be more. We have many roles. Being a momma is only one. Your title as Mom, Mommy, Momma, Ma, CAN be the one that drives you to seek out ALL that God has designed and equipped you to be. I believe when we become mothers we look at the world differently. We strive to be more and better because we have these little people looking up to us and seeing us as perfection. Our children inspire us to BE MORE! 

So what’s my WHY?

To encourage and empower family bonding through fun learning and teaching, as we strive to meet our children where they are.

Once I discovered my WHY, I asked myself,

How do you plan to achieve it?

In 4 Ways: 

  1. Blog –
  2. PodcastThe Mommy Chronicles
  3. Social Media PresenceLearning with Mommy by D.M. Whitaker IG/Twitter: queenq_writes
  4. Books!Brush Your Teeth! Brush Your Teeth! Brandon’s Song for Healthy Teeth (Available November 13!)

So my challenge to you mommas out there who are diligently striving to not only be the best mommy ever for your kiddos, is to find your WHY. Dig deep down in your heart. Be in meditation with your soul. Be in intentional relationship and fluid conversation with the Lord. And then…discover how you can place your STAMP on this world with your purpose and passion. How will you strive to be the best woman and image bearer that God has designed you to be to impact and change this crazy unpredictable world we live in? 

Because when you discover your WHY, you channel and ignite your true JOY that radiates in your home with your family, in the community that you give back to, and the world of strangers that the Lord uses you to share His message. Being Mom, Mommy, Momma, Ma is only one of many titles that you will hold. But this very special title is the one that will drive you to be ALL that God has designed and equipped you to be. 

Let’s talk momma! What’s your WHY? Share below and let’s encourage one another on the journey! 👇🏾

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~Soli deo Gloria 💜

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