Mommying from the Heart

We’re Reading, Y’all!🤗📚😍

SO...Homeschooling! There is always something going on that will drive you crazy or have you screaming to the rooftop! Well as of lately, homeschooling has been having me doing the later! A few weeks ago, I decided while doing some lesson planning that it was time to really start teaching Duce how to read. He… Continue reading We’re Reading, Y’all!🤗📚😍

Mommying from the Heart

All the Emotions! All the Feelings…Motherhood!

Here it is 50 days into the new year...into my big boy Duce being 5 and I have to honestly say, that I am an emotional wreck!! He keeps growing and shining and I want nothing more than for him to stay my little baby forever! I know! I know! It's unrealistic, but can a… Continue reading All the Emotions! All the Feelings…Motherhood!


🎒Homeschooling in Nebraska🌽🏈

Happy New Year, Mommas! 🎉🎆 4th quarter was rough for me! 😫With 2 birthdays, holidays and finishing out 4th quarter with launching my Publishing Agency- Water Rocks Publishing, and celebrating my first year as an author with my big boy, I was exhausted, stressed, overwhelmed and excited all at the same time. So, I am… Continue reading 🎒Homeschooling in Nebraska🌽🏈

Mommying from the Heart

Are You THAT Mom? #Guilty🤚🏾

I've been away from the blog this summer and oh how I have missed it. Life has been busy and I've been in full momma mode with the boys. We had a great summer. Despite the craziness that COVID is still causing, the hubby and I managed to give the boys a lot of fun… Continue reading Are You THAT Mom? #Guilty🤚🏾

Mommying from the Heart

New Parenting Rooted in Love and Freedom

As Duce gets older, I continue to be in awe of how amazing he is and how God showed out when He CREATED, HEALED and BLESSED him into this world! At 4.5 years old he is very opinionated, charismatic, brave, funny, intelligent and assertive in expressing his wants, needs and dislikes. With that comes a… Continue reading New Parenting Rooted in Love and Freedom

Mommying from the Heart

☀️Summer Love & Learning!📚

You did it! 🎉🎉You made it through a challenging school year. 🙌🏾Whether you homeschooled from the beginning or were forced into virtual school due to Covid, you and your babies made it! 👏🏾👏🏾Pat yourself on the back, buy you guys something nice, take a fun and safe trip, have a We Made It Through Zoom… Continue reading ☀️Summer Love & Learning!📚

Mommying from the Heart

Brotherly Love

No one warned me about all the gushy feelings I would get everyday watching my boys play and love on each other. Now don't get me wrong, they fight and argue as much as the next at 4 and 18 months. But when they love, they love hard and it's sooo beautiful! 💙😍💙 I often catch them… Continue reading Brotherly Love