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☀️Summer Love & Learning!📚

You did it! 🎉🎉You made it through a challenging school year. 🙌🏾Whether you homeschooled from the beginning or were forced into virtual school due to Covid, you and your babies made it! 👏🏾👏🏾Pat yourself on the back, buy you guys something nice, take a fun and safe trip, have a We Made It Through Zoom School Party. 🥳🎊Do something to celebrate because you all deserve it.

So what’s next? Summer school for some in a school building, camps, family vacations, and more. But guess what? The learning doesn’t stop. Find ways to keep your children learning and their wonder growing. This summer is a perfect time to identify what SPARKS your child(rens) interest and tap into it!

I recommend starting with taking a learning style quiz that helps you identify the best way your child learns.🤔📚 Are they an auditory learner? Visual learner? Kinestic learner? Project-Based learner? Or Read & Write learner? Take this quick quiz and find out:

Once you find out what their learning style is the fun begins! This summer I want to challenge you to do activities, experiments, exploring and field trips that SPARK their interest, and align with their learning style. They will not only love it, be engaged, but most importantly for us, they’ll keep the learning going while having fun! Summer is the time for BIG FUN and we can do that in a special way. ☀️🏖📚

My son, Duce, loves dinosaurs, building and cooking. So because he is a VISUAL LEARNER we’re going to spend the summer centering our fun around these SPARKS.

1. Scavenger hunt to find all his dinosaurs and count them and name them with the help of his dinosaur fact books.

2. “Bury” dinosaurs in yummy mud and dig for them, then give them a “bath.”

3. Baking some new cake and donut recipes, pizza and pizza rolls. He will learn new vocabulary words as I will label common ingredients we use, measurements cups and spoons names, and the importance of following directions when cooking and baking.

4. Building Shadows with our Legos and wood blocks and talking about shapes and colors. We will even try and make words with blocks and shadows!

5. Science Explodes! What’s a summer without getting messy with some slide, bottle tornadoes, volcano explosions with our dinosaurs and more.

These are just a few fun things we will be doing this summer that SPARK Duce’s (and Elisha’s) interests. Meeting his learning style of being a VISUAL LEARNER who learns best by seeing things through display, videos, engaging reading activities, and more.

If you have older kiddos consider camps and Outschool programs, or career shadowing that SPARK their interests this Summer. Researching, presentations, videos, interactive role playing of careers and so much more! There’s no limit to how you can use your child’s learning style this Summer through SPARKS they love.

What’s your child’s learning style? How will you incorporate it in their Summer activities to keep the learning going? Share in the comments!👇🏾💬

~Soli deo Gloria💜

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