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Happy National Children’s Dental Health Month! Let’s Brush!🪥🦷😁💪🏾

Happy National Children’s Dental Health Month!! Is there any mommas out there like me that absolutely love going to the dentist?! Like I do my best to never miss an appointment (twice a year), have had great relationships with my dentists and hygienists, and look forward to the experience with them. And of course the bookworm in me as a kid, loved that not only did I get dental goodies like a tooth brush, toothpaste, floss and mouth wash. They gave us books too! BOOKS📚! This is why my dream is for my book to be in dental offices all over the world, given to little ones to encourage them to brush in between those appointment with fun and joy! ☺️

I loved my dentist visits as a kid so much that I have been very intentional with my boys about fostering that same love for going to the dentist and dental hygiene care. I grew up with so many people who had fears of the dentist, didn’t go to the dentist or took care of their teeth. Friends would dread their appointments, skip them or even look at me crazy when I shared my happy experience. I can honestly say, that it was my mom’s parenting that made my siblings and my experience great. She found us great dentists, made sure we took care of our teeth, and made the visit twice a year just another appointment that was about taking care of ourselves the best way we could.

So fast forward to grown Da’Quisha in her thirties with two growing boys. And what do I have? A book about BRUSHING YOUR TEETH!🪥😁🦷I unlike many parents, had a 1 year old that loved brushing his teeth! It was a nightly routine for him that he and I both looked forward to. I would sing to him as he brushed, this made up song that made him giggle, and he would brush away as if he actually knew what he was doing (of course I would have to go back and REALLY BRUSH😉). I even recorded him one time and shared it on social media and people were blown away by his joy for brushing his teeth. Their question? How? It had been a uphill, knock out, drag out fight for many mommas and dads to get their littles to brush their teeth! My secret: singing our song🎤 and brushing🪥 with him! It was a family activity that we made fun! 

So there you have it! That’s how Brush Your Teeth! Brush Your Teeth! Brandon’s Song for Healthy Teeth was born! I hope to inspire families all over the world to foster the same love and joy that exists in our home with our boys as we brush our teeth day and night. It is important to teach them awesome dental hygiene at an early age-which is really showing them how to take care of themselves in the best way, inside and out! 

Have you got your copy of Brush Your Teeth! Brush Your Teeth! Brandon’s Song for Healthy TeethWhat are you waiting for? Let’s ease the pain and stress of brushing with your littles TODAY! Get your signed copy and read with them before they go and brush 🪥to help prepare them for the fun experience. And even better! Play the song while you brush!🎼💃🏾 My boys DEMAND IT EVERYDAY!😂

The Brush Your Teeth! Brush Your Teeth! Song 🎶🎵

HAPPY NATIONAL CHILDREN’S DENTAL HEALTH MONTH!🪥🦷😁 I hope that this month you are encouraged even more to educate your children on the importance of dental health-another great form of self-care that starts at home! 

🪥Tips and Reminders for You and Your Littles🦷:

  1. 🦷Find a Dentist that looks like you and your children-that familiarity matters and eases the anxiety of a stranger getting all up in their boundaries.
  2. 🪥Children-Friendly Dental Offices: Children love the play time they get before their cleaning and remember that fun and can recall it as you prepare of their next appointment.
  3. 🦷Remember the 2-2-2 Rule: BRUSH 2x a day, for 2 minutes and 2x a year go see your dentist for a cleaning! 
  4. 🪥BRUSH with FLOURIDE and WATER💦 and don’t forget to FLOSS!
  5. 🦷MORE WATER🧊, less sugar drinks and a HEALTHY DIET of fruits and veggies.🍇🥦

Don’t forget to download your coloring pages this month of our main character Brandon and his friend brushing their teeth! Your littles will love it! ☺️

What was your dentist experience like growing up as a child? How is it now for your children? Share below! 💬👇🏾Let’s remove the stigmatism of going to the dentist and not taking care of our teeth! After all, they are the companions of our beautiful smiles. 😁LET’S BRUSH! 🪥🦷💪🏾

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~Soli deo Gloria💜

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All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the writer.

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