Mommying from the Heart

Welcome Back…Right?

Happy New Year!! I know! I know! It’s been FOREVER!!! But I can explain… and I am never one for excuses so this explanation better be good right? Okay. Here it is…

2021 was a ROLLERCOASTER!! I started a lot…finished a lot… and left a lot on the table. But what I did do that I am proud of, was put something for ME first! Whew! I said it! I put myself first MORE in 2022. And boy did it feel good and hurt at the same time. I never want to come off as selfish or self-centered, but I also don’t want to give so much of myself to my family, friends, and community, that I forget to fill my own cup. Because we all know that leads to resentment, regrets, anger, sadness, and a whole host of other emotions.

So in 2022, I put myself first a little more. I walked away from teaching online in late 2021 to go “full time” in running my publishing and branding agency and being what I love… A STORYTELLER! I published a ton of books, sold a ton of books, met and networked with a ton of people, and helped a ton of people publish and brand their books! And let me tell you, IT FELT WONDERFUL!! If I can be honest I am still on a high from 2022. I got to do a lot of things I had been wanting to do for a long time to advance my education and expertise in the publishing and author industry, and I am a stronger businesswoman because of it! Speaking of business women, I completed a certification program with eCornell University for Women in Business too. I traveled by myself to Atlanta to do a weekend intensive with my business coach and mastermind cohort sisters, and I got some Sister-Sister time with my sister! We had a TIME!!!

So you’re probably asking, what’s the point of all of this Da’Quisha? Great question! I just want to share with you that it is important to choose yourself sometimes. I know people will say it’s selfish and that’s not what women, wives, and mothers do, but it’s not true. We have to choose ourselves first because in doing that we are making sure we are good so that we can give our families, friends, and businesses the best versions of ourselves. We are also teaching our children the importance of self-care and following their dreams as they look up to us and watch us do that very thing daily. I’m still figuring it out. Still trying to find ways to disconnect- reboot, reenergize, and refocus, but if I didn’t learn anything else in 2022, I learned that no matter how uncomfortable and inconvenient it may be for me and others, I have to take better care of me-mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally.

One of my favorite things I am doing is prioritizing my time with God. My sister is an hour ahead of me. So I have her call me on her way to work, and we chat for a short time. When I hang up I am up and ready for my quiet time with the Lord. It is so easy to idolize our family, careers, phones, friends, you name it, and forget that special time with God. But let me tell you… it makes a great difference in how I parent, wife, and do business. I am working on consistency this year in my faith. Consistent in my time with God and my prayer life.

So for 2023, I am challenging myself to do just that!

  • Make more time for God.
  • Have alone time/girlfriend time 2 times a month.
  • Record my wins to celebrate the hard work I put in every day and the favor of God in my life.
  • ASK FOR HELP when I am empty with nothing else to give.
  • Saying “NO” to things that don’t bring me joy or grow me personally, spiritually, or professionally.

I love sharing the journey of being a woman, wife, and mother. But you will also get to experience more of how I incorporate running 2 businesses, serving and caring for the better woman I am striving to be every day. I hope that remains true for you as well. After all, we aren’t just mommas, we’re amazing women, anointed by God with many gifts, to share with the world and grow the kingdom!

What are you committed to in your personal life? What will you do more of this year to fill your cup?

Soli deo Gloria,

Da’Quisha 💜

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