“Homeschooling Duce”📚 Part 2: The Classroom Experience

I started out sharing about the socialization aspect of homeschooling because it’s the most downplayed and misconstrued perception of homeschooling out there. However, there is even more fun that goes on inside the home-in the “classroom” per se, that Duce and I have enjoyed over this last year…LEARNING! Now this is the part that can be intimidating for many new homeschool parents, because you don’t know where to start. If you are like me, your child was never exposed to public/traditional school, so there is no deschooling (taking the time to learn your child’s interest and learning style through play and exploration, rather than structured curriculum) that needs to take place. You just need to BEGIN! And that is just what we did! We have a couple of curriculums that we like that focus on play learning and auditory and visual learning techniques for Duce. Because he is only 3 this is the time where learning is done while having fun. We do crafts, read, explore, sing, dance, build and more! Through all of these activities Duce is learning and it is a beautiful thing. When he is a little older I plan to use a more structured curriculum that I have been blessed to be introduced to by the awesome moms in my bible study group who homeschool their littles. There are Christian-focused curriculums available that not only inspire learning academically, but also building a sound and vibrant relationship with Christ lead by you! That excites my husband and me, and encourages us even more in our decision to homeschool. 

Many people want to put a time limit on when a school day starts or finishes. The beautiful thing about learning is that it happens all day, everyday, every season. Reviewing colors as we cook and select place settings for meals, counting as he washes his hands, letter recognition as he reads his favorite books. Learning is always happening, so when you are intentional in your teaching time with your child, they are growing academically with all the giggles, hugs and celebrating that goes on in a given day. Duce loves learning and absorbs new information so fast. It truly amazes my husband and me. In a matter of months he has gone from saying short phrases here and there to having conversations using clear and complete sentences all day, making up songs, counting to 20, and more! We love it and are continually blown away by his vocabulary, exploration, imagination and independence. 

So after you have researched your state’s guidelines, purchased your supplies,identified a space to learn, and your style of homeschooling, you may ask the question: What can I do to jump start my toddler into homeschooling?

  1. Play! Play! And MORE PLAY! 🤸🏾
  2. Read to them often! 📖📚
  3. Repetition is key!- in song and activities!♾🎼🎤
  4. Allow your toddler to lead in the learning experience and ask questions and share information with them as they go.🧐🤓🙋🏾🔍❓
  5. Celebrate their victories, small and mighty…and celebrate BIG! 🎉 🎊 

We are in the thick of this journey and I am truly loving it, especially the bond it fosters between us. I have found wonderful communities on Facebook and Instagram that provide encouragement, great lessons, activities and experiences for homeschooling, as well as websites and blogs that allow you to homeschool for free or minimum cost. We also have our favorite apps that we are currently using to diversify our homeschooling experience as well. I am big on the concept that as long as the child is learning technology is great in moderation. Call me the Eclectic Homeschooler! 😊 

If you are interested in what apps, play lessons and other activities we use to learn, comment below. I would love to share what is working for us, and where we find our best lessons, activities, learning toys and more! Has the Lord been pulling you to take charge of your child(rens)’s education? Have you recently started your homeschooling journey and need momma support? I would love to hear how it is going for you, share ideas and even be an encouragement along the way. There are many groups and resources available, and with the right facts, process, research (understanding your state’s laws) and follow through, this journey can be fun and worth wild for you and your little ones. You can do this, not because you have a degree or are a certified teacher, but because you love your child and are willing to move mountains in order for them to excel and thrive in their academics! ~Philippians 4:13💜

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~Soli deo Gloria💜

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