Mommying from the Heart

We’re Reading, Y’all!🤗📚😍

SO...Homeschooling! There is always something going on that will drive you crazy or have you screaming to the rooftop! Well as of lately, homeschooling has been having me doing the later! A few weeks ago, I decided while doing some lesson planning that it was time to really start teaching Duce how to read. He… Continue reading We’re Reading, Y’all!🤗📚😍


🎒Homeschooling in Nebraska🌽🏈

Happy New Year, Mommas! 🎉🎆 4th quarter was rough for me! 😫With 2 birthdays, holidays and finishing out 4th quarter with launching my Publishing Agency- Water Rocks Publishing, and celebrating my first year as an author with my big boy, I was exhausted, stressed, overwhelmed and excited all at the same time. So, I am… Continue reading 🎒Homeschooling in Nebraska🌽🏈


“Homeschooling Duce”📚 Part 2: The Classroom Experience

I started out sharing about the socialization aspect of homeschooling because it's the most downplayed and misconstrued perception of homeschooling out there. However, there is even more fun that goes on inside the home-in the “classroom” per se, that Duce and I have enjoyed over this last year...LEARNING! Now this is the part that can… Continue reading “Homeschooling Duce”📚 Part 2: The Classroom Experience