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The Big ONE!: Let’s not overdo it people!

Birthdays are so great because you get to celebrate the life of those you love. So you can imagine the excitement I had thinking about the celebration of life of my son Duce! The nervousness didn’t show up until two weeks prior, but the excitement never really dwindled. I can tell you one thing about the preparation process: I was determined NOT to go overboard with Duce’s 1st birthday party. One because he is so small and won’t remember the hundreds of dollars I have spent. Nor will he care about the expensive decorations, entertainment, and more. But most importantly, I wanted to focus on having an intimate, loving environment with family for my son to celebrate the miracle that he truly is to our lives. I can honestly say, and hopefully my husband can too, that it was as success! How so: being a minimalist and DIY baby!

  • Theme: Because EVERY party deserves a theme! This was SOOOOO HARD! My husband and I went back and forth about which theme we wanted. We disagreed on a lot of them, but he came up with a great one: Hot Wheels! A classic of course! Cars, cones, flags, transmission fluid and antifreeze…you name it!
  • Cake-our biggest splurge because our big boy is allergic to egg, dairy and peanut. We got an awesome and delicious cake from Powerhouse Bakery here in San Antonio that cost us around $80.
  • Food-Chick-fil-a of course! We love their food and it’s so affordable! I couldn’t stress myself with cooking that day. Ha! So we did grilled and fried chicken nuggets, veggie and fruit platter and Oreos with water and lemonade for beverages.
  • Decorations-PINTEREST, PINTEREST, PINTEREST! I swear you guys, it really is your best friend! I got neat ideas for a photo booth prop, theme base tags for food, favors and more. With the help of my mom and husband we were able to get decorations done within a couple of hours and we had fun doing it!
  • Activities-Again, we kept it simple! He is only turning one and can’t do much (he wasn’t walking yet). So we had the slide he got for Christmas in the living room and ALL his toys out and him and his cousins had a ball! Speaking of ball…a small ball pit in a pool at the end of the slide is so fun and ideal! TRY IT! They will love it! For us adults, we did “Words and Prayers of Encouragement for Duce” on cars and read them to Duce. We also had a milestone board that we shared with our guests, and our lovely mini photo booth for pics with the big boy! And what’s a birthday party without Stevie Wonder’s rendition of “Happy Birthday” and some delicious cake!

We had a blessed time celebrating our big boy! God has truly been good to him and us especially, choosing us to be his parents. It was great being around family, and even more seeing the smile on Duce’s face as he celebrated with his loved ones. Here’s to many more parties with cool themes and sweet memories!

-Soli deo Gloria💜

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