Mommying from the Heart

No Napping on the Airplane!  

Recently I took a girls trip with my sister and best friend of 15 years to the Bahamas to celebrate turning 30! I was thoroughly excited for some much need relaxation and girls time. So needless to say, I had been looking forward to this trip for months. I flew out of Dallas, and had driven over night with hubby and son from home (San Antonio) to get there on time. So I was extremely tired and had not gotten a lot of rest due to the driving and packing that occurred the night and hours before. I told myself that I would just sleep on the plane, which is normal for me. One because it’s a habit of mine that I embrace! I get some good naps on plane rides! Lol Also, I have issues with flying where I get sick if I don’t take Dramamine, so I usually try to go to sleep as soon as take off to ease my nerves.

And let me tell, I was on my way, because like I said, I was extremely tired and needed a second wind to be ready for my girls when I landed. They don’t have children, yet but they know my motherly and wifely duty routine that can drain a sister out sometime! So of course being last-minute with leaving to head to Dallas and making sure everyone was packed, I forgot to check in for my flight. By the time my section and number was called with Southwest, there were only middle seats left. So I found myself scaling the seats of occupants who had time to check in early and get all the good window and aisle seats that are lofted over. “No one too weird, has to look showered, a friendly face, and someone who looked just as tired as me that wouldn’t talk my ear off the whole ride.” That was the criteria I said to myself as I boarded and searched. “This should be a good one!” “Hi! Can I get this seat?” The light brown skin woman who looked to be in her forties gladly got up and let me in. I sat down, got myself situated with my devices, bag and pillow and waited for takeoff.” “I’m looking at the snakes I found in front of my home before I left.” The lady to my right had started talking to me and showing me snakes swimming in water in front of the stairs of her home. In my mind I said, “Welp! There goes my nap!”

We ended up talking the entire two and a half hours of the flight! She was such a sweet, smart, bold and knowledgeable woman. She shared so many gems of parenthood with me that by the time I got off that flight and had exchanged contact information with her, I was not only energized for my trip, but encouraged and motivated even more about parenthood. She was actually in her early 50s and had 4 daughters who are were very successful in their career, education and family lives. I can honestly say that after talking with her about them, one would not expect anything less of them. This woman was a powerhouse! In the office and field, and at home as a mother and wife. She left me with some great gems that I want to share with mommas out there that are wanting to give their children the world. Maybe these gems will impact, recharge, motivate and encourage you like they did me. I was blessed, and I hope you are too.

  • Parenting is all about sacrifice-always! It doesn’t matter how much money you have, you will find a time and/or situation in life where you will have to sacrifice.
  • Don’t limit yourself on how big your family should be because of what you can afford. God will bless you with who you can care and love for and provide for you.
  • Sacrifice is providing your children with the best education, even if that is private school that comes with tuition that you pay.
    • If that means you eat cereal, spaghetti and pb&j from time to time, and your child doesn’t get a new pair of shoes every 3 months, that’s okay. Their education is the most valuable investment you can provide them. They can wear those fitting shoes a little longer.
  • With the vast learning culture and variety of ways to teach, learn, and process in education today through traditional classrooms and non-traditional, online and flipped classrooms, everyone is and/or can be smart. So how will you equip your child with the tools to stand out?
    • They must play an instrument, sport and speak another language-REQUIRED.
    • AGAIN…SACRIFICE! Your family needs can be met, by still paying for the required equipment, classes, etc. to ensure that your children can do the 3 listed above.
      • There are many programs that are free or reduced in communities all over the world that can also assist you in ensuring that your child has these experiences.
  • Speaking of experiences-they are important! We can buy our children all the lasted shoes, clothes, games, electronics and more, but they don’t even compare to the experiences we can provide them .
    • Experiences last for a lifetime.
      • What experiences do I speak of: family vacations (in the US or outside of the US)
      • Birthday and Spring Break trips with their friends
      • Studying abroad
      • Going to plays or other theatrical and performing arts events.
      • And so much more!

Those are some of many of the gems Mrs. Tina blessed me with on that plane ride that I wanted to share with my fellow mommies out there. I truly believe that parenthood is raising God-fearing children who cannot only be self-sufficient, but also give back to the world with their time and talents, and practice humility, honesty and posse a moral compass that guides them to understand and follow the will of God. Thank you Mrs. Tina for your transparency, motherly advice, candidness, and fearless personality that allowed you to talk to a stranger and bless her whole heart just at the right time. God bless you and God bless all the mommies that read this!

Proverbs 22:6 “Train up your child in the way he should go; even when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

Be encouraged that as parents, we can and should provide our children with all the love, resources and opportunities that they need in order for them to be successful servants to this world. But first, we as parents must provide them with the word. This guides them and allows them to use their talents that we as parents sacrifice daily for them to have, and that God so graciously blesses them with in order for them to walk in the purpose that He has designed for them way before we imagined them in our worlds. Not only will our children thank us later, but society will too, and most importantly, God will praise us and get all the glory.

~Soli deo Gloria💜

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