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VIPKID: The Stay-at-Home Momma That Teaches English in China…VIRTUALLY!

I am thankful to have a husband that goes to work every day and provides for our family. We have financial security and a peace of mind, and that makes me staying at home with Duce even more of a blessings. I can’t lie though, I miss being in the classroom, teaching kids and watching them learn and grow in their education. My primary goal in deciding to work from home has been to help continue to build our savings, kick this debt in the behind, and keep this ol’ brain of mine working while I’m staying at home with my favorite little boy!  So when the opportunity came up to teach English online to Chinese children in Beijing, I jumped right on it!

I work for an online ESL company called VIPKID. VIPKID was rated #5 by Forbes Magazine for Top 100 Remote Work Companies in 2017. VIPKID provides an elementary school experience to Chinese children through one-on-one, fully immersive lessons in its online classroom. The program helps students develop their English language ability, critical thinking and creative skills. Teachers like myself come from all over America and Canada, and we teach 25 minutes classes to children ranging from ages 5-12 years old. VIPKID provides all the curriculum, there is no grading or conferences, and all classes consist of you teaching only one student at a time. The only requirements to work for them are: a bachelor’s degree and some form of teaching experience with children (formal and informal).

As an independent contractor, we pick our own hours, working as much or as little as possible. If you teach an hour a day, you can earn between $420-$650 a month. This is perfect for me, because I only work when Duce is sleep and/or he is spending time with Daddy, in the late evenings or early mornings. Because the schedule is on Beijing time I have my whole day to spend with Duce going on play dates, to the park, grocery shopping, and whatever else we decide to do.

When I tell you this job has been a blast for me! Not only have I started to foster relationships with these kids and their parents over the last couple of months; I have also been challenged to be a better educator-finding new and creative ways to help students learn to read, write and speak English fluently. My creative gene is dancing for joy, as I get to use puppets, fun and silly props and rewards to teach students English. I love that I can do it all in the comforts of my own home office (I was at the kitchen table when I began). I also love that I am able to share my culture and American culture and traditions with my students. These kids love and want to learn, which is such a breath of fresh air and encouraging for me as an educator to want to provide them the best educational experience possible.

I could go on for hours about this company and how awesome it is to be Teacher DaQuisha and educating these children. If you are interested and want to know more or know someone who is looking for an opportunity to teach online, earn some extra income, supplement their income, or just to become a traveling teacher who doesn’t have to be restricted to the classroom, feel free to contact me and I can walk you through the interview process!


Referral Link to Apply: VIPKID-Apply Now!

Referral Code: 0369TH (Use when click SIGN UP-enter email, password, verification code and then click the “click here” in green and add the code).

More information about VIPKID: About VIPKID

~Soli deo Gloria💜

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