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Did We Really Need That?! Buyers Remorse…Best Buys…and More!

So as my little prince approaches his 1st birthday I am reflecting on many things and moments that we have experienced. One thing in particular that has crossed my mind was the question, “Did we really need that?” I mean come on mommas, seriously…all those items on your registry or the ones you were blessed to be gifted at your baby shower, did you really need it? And so soon? Well I am going to give my honest opinion on items I received for our big boy Duce, and answer that question for you.

  1. Crib-This is a tricky one because of two things. 1.) It is a great gift to give (We received ours from my AMAZING best friend Cassaundra!) because it is needed and a bigger price tag item that would help you out a lot to not have to purchase considering the other things you will in the future. 2.) You won’t need it for at least the first 3 months of baby’s life-that is if you follow the doctor’s orders and not let them sleep alone/away from you the 1st 12 weeks.
  2. Rock ‘n Play-I have to say that this one was great after Duce stopped sleeping in the pack ‘n play. It was perfect for naps especially. I like that it plays music and the way it is shaped makes it feel like you are holding the baby which can provide comfort to them while they are sleeping. We got the most use out of this once Duce was around 3 months.
  3. Pack ‘n Play-This is one of the best purchases ever because we STILL are using it at 10 months (Thanks to my other best friend Symi)! We used the bassinet from the time we brought him home from the hospital. Then we transitioned to using it as his bed for the first 3.5 months of his life with the mattress that is raised to the top for sleeping. Now we use it as a playpen for him and all of his toys! He does laps around that thing and has a ball! A MUST registry item!
  4. Swing-This item is great if you have the nursery and living area in two parts of the house. We used the swing in the living room and now in the upstairs loft for Duce’s naps. The different swinging levels, music and mobil are great for getting him to relax and take a good nap. I have to admit that he didn’t like it at first when we got it (around 2 months old). However, when his vision started to improve around 3-4 months, it was golden! He was in love with the mobil and would fall asleep watching it. Not an immediate purchase per se, but definitely one that you should consider investing in. I will add that I know quite a few moms where this has been a hit or miss item for them. Some babies love it, whereas others did not. I would suggest giving it a test drive at a friend’s home before purchasing it for your little one.
  5. Diaper Genie-YES! YES! YES! This is a must purchase! For the sake of your nostrils if nothing else. I really love how this contains the smell of those poopy diapers, its discreteness in the nursery, and easy to empty and refill. Now as Duce has gotten older and is eating table food those smells have gotten a little stronger and can knock you out when you first open it….but once it’s closed you don’t smell a thing in the room! We have the refill bags on Subscribe and Save with Amazon!
  6. Activity Gym-We somehow got 2 of these, and if I remember correctly it was in the case that he was at grandparents’ home they would have one too for him to play on. I would suggest getting at least one for your registry or immediately after baby is born because they help with tummy time. Most babies despise tummy time, but because the activity gym has fun toys hanging from it, plays music when you kick and so much more, it makes the time down there a little more bearable. Also, they are easy to pack up and store or take with you when traveling.
  7. Bouncer-When I got this as a gift (I requested it mind you), I began to think was it a wasted purchase. After all, I had the rock ‘n play that did great for Duce, so what did I really need a bouncer for? Well the bouncer is a lighter and more easy to move from room to room. Also, it was my go to for when I needed to shower. I would plop that bad boy on the bathroom floor next to the shower and buckle Duce in there while I showered. You could catch me singing songs and him playing with the hanging toys. I even used it while I did my hair. He would fall asleep to the vibration and  I would finish my flat twists! It even made cooking dinner a breeze! Duce used his bouncer up until he was about 8 months and decided he wanted to try and turn over in it while buckled in. NOPE! Time to pack it up!
  8. Base for car seat (2)-We received two bases, but realized after Duce was born that we preferred driving one of our vehicles more than the other one when we were commuting with him. I suggest only buying/registering for one (it usually comes with the car seat), and if you realize later that you need another then get it.
  9. His and hers diaper bags-I hate to say it guys, but only one is needed! Like seriously! Brandon has one that is like a crossbody/satchel style and I have one that resembles a large purse with a crossbody inside of it. We only needed one. And now that I think of it, a good compromise on style would have been a unisex backpack diaper bag that we both could carry around and feel comfortable and confident.
  10. Carriers/Wraps-These are a God send! No matter the age, get at least 2. A wrap like Baby K’Tan for when you are around the house or those hot summer days. And a carrier like Ergobaby 360 while you are out and about at the store, park, zoo, concert, party, etc. Both grow with your little one and gives your arms a break from carrying them while you are trying to get things done or just being social/active with your arms and hands. My husband even uses the carrier from time to time when we are out. Hands free is great for all those multi-taskers out there! They are great on your back and comfortable for baby as well.
  11. High Chair-I would personally hold off on getting a high chair until your little one starts eating baby/table food (around 6 months). This was a big price tag item that we were blessed to receive, but that we had no need for until Duce started solids. We have an awesome one from Fisher Price that is a 4 in 1 high chair that grows with him. So I definitely suggest getting one like that for your little one.
  12. Bumbo Seat-We didn’t have this item on our registry and I wish we had! We ended up purchasing it after I saw other friends and moms had it and read reviews of how great it was! I purchased it when we started teaching Duce to sit up on his own. It was great for his posture. As he learned to sit up on his own it became our travel high chair! That seat stays in the car! It has a little tray that can be attached to it so you can place their food on it to eat as well. What is even greater is that the seat has straps that you use to secure it to the chairs at the restaurants. Duce is able to sit at the table with Mommy and Daddy and enjoy his meal. It’s not necessarily an immediate purchase, but definitely one that I would purchase by the time your little one is 3 months.
  13. ***I forgot one! (Thanks Amelia!) The BOPPY!-Really mommies, ANYTHING BOPPY! Please add this to your registry. It is so helpful for nursing if you breastfeed, but also for your lovey when they are on their tummies for tummy time or sitting up-SUPPORT, SUPPORT, SUPPORT! Boppy also has a lounger that was a fan in my home up until Duce was almost 8 months (He is too long for it now). It is great for them to relax on, even take a nap (supervised) next to you. It was the baby recliner in my home. Both products are a must and you and your little one will be very pleased to have.

Well there you have it mommas! Those are my honest opinions on baby items and gadgets that you should add to the registry, save for a later purchase, or just plain old pass on purchasing! I hope this helps you as you register for baby showers, ask for gifts from loved ones, or even as you get a head start or catch up on purchasing those must have items yourself for your lovely. Whatever the case, happy shopping and happy Mommying!

                         -Soli Deo Gloria💜

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1 thought on “Did We Really Need That?! Buyers Remorse…Best Buys…and More!”

  1. I would have to agree the diaper genie and the baby carriers are a must. I haven’t got to all the items yet since she ia atill young. I’m going to add the Boppy to your list
    Eden is 3 mo and I still use it. It helps me get a good position when I breastfeed. We also use it for tummy time and just sitting her up.


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