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OMG! 😲My Stomach! 😬WHHHHHYYYYY!!! Post-Partum Body

Now don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t a size 2 before I got pregnant, but I surely wasn’t obese either. So to see all these new mommies bounce back and have flat pool-side bikini bodies days if not a couple of weeks after having a baby, I was shocked, annoyed, confused, angry, deceived, bamboozled, and determined! No one told me that my stomach was going to look like a deflated balloon after giving birth to my handsome prince! Or cottage cheese for that matter! I had a very vague 4 pack-go ahead and laugh, but it was there! All those Hip Hop Abs videos I completed in my early twenties! lol After Duce arrived, there wasn’t a pack in sight! Just a blob…wrinkly, dark, stretch mark infested blog! I was so shocked by this appearance that I’m sure I sent my sister numerous pictures in disbelief. Sorry Keisha! Love you girl! 😘

When I went for my 6 week postpartum appointment with my OBGYN, she told me that I couldn’t do any ab exercises for 12 weeks! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! So I have to look at THIS for the next 2 months?! Because I had a c-section, I had to be very careful about exercising. Aside from walking and nursing, this weight wasn’t going to run off of me like a 100 yard dash, I had to work! Or did I? I may have been cursed by the flubber, dark and stretch mark demon, but boy was I blessed by the snap back angel! You guys, when I tell you I lost all of my pregnancy weight (about 34 lbs) PLUS another 8-9lbs in 3 months JUST from nursing! And have kept it off! I still can’t believe it! And this nursing momma eats! Like really eats….teenage boy appetite eating! Over the months-now approaching 6 months postpartum, I have began to embrace the little belly that is still lacking just a tad bit more muscle than it did pre-Duce. I have been careful to keep it VERY moisturized, and when I am sitting, standing, walking, cleaning,  I am being conscious about tucking my belly in. It really helped since I didn’t do like most c-section mommas and get the compression waist band (I had every intention on requesting one, then life got REAL, REAL FAST when Duce arrived).

Now these stretch marks…they’re still there! However, I have something for those bad boys! I found an Aloe Vera recipe that I heard works wonders that I will be trying. I mean I do have a rainforest of Aloe Vera plant in my home, so why not?! I will keep you all posted on how that goes!

All this to say, I am not complaining about my body, because it’s MAGIC! It housed and birthed a miracle for 10 months! So every time I look down at it, I want to give it a high five because “WE DID THAT!” Mommas, remember that your body is your temple-1. Corinthians 6:9. Treat it well because you only get one. As mommas it can be hard to remember to exercise, eat healthy and dress that temple up right sometimes, and that is okay. Just don’t stay in that place too long! Eat well, exercise as much as you can (walk, job, dance party with baby, squats during laundry), whatever it takes, to keep that temple of yours going strong for that baby, family, and most importantly yourself! Now shake that belly that your baby gave you girl! And ball out on a spank too if you’re feeling fancy!

~Soli deo Gloria💜

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