Oh Baby! Pregnancy 101

Don’t TOUCH My Belly!!🚫🙅🏾‍♀️🚫

When you have a baby you really see how wild people who don’t have kids OR do have kids act towards you and the decision that you make about your baby. I’m talking about from as early as announcing that you’re pregnant and TELLING people NOT to touch your belly, to the most serious of them all, declining and dismissing people’s eagerness to visit you once the baby arrives. I consider myself a nice, yet very assertive person, in my everyday life. It’s just my personality. I’m not a pushover by any means. So when someone reached for my stomach – stranger, associate, co-worker, student, church member, you name it, without hesitation I told them “Please don’t touch my stomach,” pivoted to the left or right or stuck my hand out and Heisman them. lol The bigger I got, the more I held my hands over or on top of my stomach to protect it from boundary-deficient people. Why people feel so inclined to invade your privacy (your body parts-stomach) is wild to me. If you didn’t touch my stomach before I was pregnant why do you think I want you to touch it now that I am pregnant? Quite frankly I have always seen it as an invasion of one’s privacy, which is why I NEVER had done it myself to other pregnant women. If I didn’t have an intimate or close relationship with you, I wanted you nowhere near my belly. Some found that difficult to accept, giving me the side-eye, others joked about it, and some even still tried and I had to get even more assertive and matter of fact with them. All this to say, ASK BEFORE YOU REACH! It’s pure respect people, that’s all! And guess what! 9 times out of 10, the baby won’t kick because some stranger (to the baby and/or momma) touched the belly. So gain some self-control and back off!

~Soli Deo Gloria💜

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