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Shots, Shots, Shots, Shots, Shots💉….The Visitation Guard✋🏾

Some of the best advice I received from my cousin/friend was to have little to no visitors at the hospital when your baby arrives. And boy can I tell you that she was right! We have so many people who love and adore us, and they wanted to be there on the day that our little man was born or come and visit while we were in the hospital. For many that was a no brainer-come one come all, the more the merrier! For my husband and me, not so much. After quite a few discussions, we decided that we only wanted parents at the hospital with us (sisters were out-of-town, and would not be there for the delivery), as we welcomed our handsome little boy. Guess what?! The BEST decision we could have made! Our parents didn’t come until after he had arrived, so it was just hubby and I in the operating room welcoming Duce into the world. The most intimate, beautiful and breath-taking experience ever! I can’t put to words how amazing that time was for the three of us meeting each other for the first time and bonding. I forever have that in my heart and mind and appreciate the decision that we made to do so. Our desire was to receive guests once we got home, and spend our time in the hospital focusing on bonding as a new family, learning new techniques on how to care for our little one, and for myself personally just healing the right way. That was a hard decision for many of our close family and friends to accept, but they did because they had no choice. =) They loved us enough to honor our wishes and we appreciated that.

Now when we got home…so many were calling, texting and messaging, eager to meet our miracle baby Duce. However, none had been vaccinated but a small few. Now there are mothers across the country who have for their own reasons (religious, fear, healthy, personal beliefs, etc.) chosen not to vaccinate their children, themselves or could care less if their visitors have their shots-no judgement at all. For me and my house though…we ALL are vaccinated. So when I asked our family and friends if they had their flu vaccine and whooping-cough vaccine, you wouldn’t believe the “‘tude” I got from so many! “I’m not sick!…I don’t believe in getting the flu shot…I won’t stay long…Are you serious?!…So I have to go to the doctor and get these and then wait another week or two? You’re draggin’ it!….” and the list goes on! Nevertheless, this momma bear-visitation guard stood her ground! Why? Because it was winter time, and my poor baby just did a 9 1/2 day stint in the NICU after having open heart surgery and recovering. I didn’t want to have him experience any more time in the hospital because people were in denial about being sick, or didn’t feel that they needed to be vaccinated.  Trust me mommas, you hear the attitudes or they get back to you, and if you’re anything like me, you don’t give a hoot because your baby’s health is what is most important.

So if you are getting ready to have a baby or just had one, my advice to you is not to feel guilty about protecting your baby from illnesses that can put them in the hospital and are difficult to fight off because of their fragile beautiful bodies. Protect your little one, sticking to your guns, standing your ground on the issue and advocating for their health! Your babies will thank you later when they are happy, laughing, cooing and playing with you through the flu and whooping-cough seasons that are becoming more and more dangerous in this country. Next time someone asks can they visit the baby, use the discernment that God has given you, along with the courage and tact that a momma needs protecting her babies ,and don’t be afraid of asking them that million dollar question: “Do you have your flu and whooping cough vaccine?”

~Soli Deo Gloria💜

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