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Potty Training: The Good, The Bad, The POOP! Part III: Potty Review

So if you’re like me, you’re willing to purchase whatever to ensure the success of your child. This could be books, curriculum, electronics, apps, or for me in this particular instance 4 DIFFERENT POTTY SEATS/ACCESSORIES! Hindsight, I realize how ridiculous I was, and am thankful that I have a husband that just trusts me and doesn’t question my crazy-sometimes. =) So to save you mommas from joining me in the crazy shopping club, I am going to review the potties that Duce and I used to help him master potty training this summer!

When choosing a potty, try to think about what works best for your home. This can be determined by the size of your home, the location you will be spending most of your time potty training and your bathroom. Duce is fortunate enough to have a potty in the bathroom that is close to our living room where we spend most of our time when we are home, in the bathroom upstairs where his playroom is located, and even one in mommy and daddy’s bathroom (I told you guys we’re still working on the sleep/own room training =)).

The Potty Arsenal:

Summer Infant My Size Potty Training Toilet-$26

*This toilet is a replica of your very own, just kid size!

screenshot_20191017-121343_amazon shopping3552437241195716411..jpg
  • Pros: It has a compartment for wipes at the top and makes a real flushing sound when you press the handle
    • Easy to discard of waste with out without potty liners
    • Wipes holder is nice to keeping them stored and out of the way
  • Cons: For boys, there is no guard for the penis to be protected and held down, so you will have to teach your son like I did, “penis down.” =)
    • Good for a permanent place, rather than one that you can move around as you feel necessary because of its dimensions.

We use this potty upstairs in Duce’s playroom. It was the first one we purchased, but when he first started potty training he was not a fan at all of it. So we bought the famous Paw Patrol one below to spark his interest in potty training. Now, when he is upstairs playing he uses this potty with ease and no complaints.

Paw Patrol Potty Seat-$25
*This potty is full of fun for your kiddos.

*We use protective bed underpads underneath this potty to catch any spills or accidents, and potty liners that caught all the waste, making clean up easier and quicker.

  • Pros: It has fun character stickers on it that makes your child happy to use it every time.
    • It has a “flushing handle” that makes a Paw Patrol sound when you press down on it after they use it.
    • Easy discard of waste
    • The top opens and closes for privacy and easy portability
  • Cons: It sits really low to the ground so you will need to help your kiddo down to use it and up when they are done.
    • No guard for the penis to protect and hold down to avoid pee spills

This one was a big favorite of Duce’s. He actually picked it out at the store, which I strongly suggest parents allow their kiddos to do. It gets them involved in the potty training process early and they are encouraged and engaged more because the seat has their favorite characters on their cheering them on. Duce doesn’t use this one as regularly as he did for the first 2.5 weeks. Two and a half weeks into potty training he showed an interest in using the “big boy” potty, and would say and shake his head “No” when we stopped at this potty for him to use. He then would keep walking and pointing to the toilet in our half bathroom. So we now keep this one in our trunk for him to use while we are on outings and doing long traveling road trips.

Mickey Mouse Roadracers Portable Seat and Stepping Stool-$32
*This potty is a kid fave as well because one it’s Mickey Mouse, but two it gives a little more maturity feel to pottying, which many kids love once they get the hand of it.

  • Pros: You can literally take this anywhere with you because it is so light and portable
    • Easy install-just lay on the toilet and let them go!
    • There is a guard for boys that you can attach to keep them from making a pee mess
    • There are handles that they can hold as they use the bathroom for balance and security
    • You can purchase a stepping stool with it that helps with your child using the potty more independent and use it to wash their hands.
  • Cons: When you pick it up off the toilet there is leakage, so you have to be careful with clean up if you are moving it after every use.
  • Drips pee when it is removed from toilet seat=cleaning and sanitizing after every use.

Because he loved the idea of being able to use the “big boy” potty, it we purchased this cushion seat to easily attach to our toilet for him. It provides the comfort he needed and the stepping stool is nice to him to use to get up to the toilet. However, he is still a little short, so we use the stepping stool in front of the sink for him to wash his hands after he potties. He loves these two a lot. It does help that they have Mickey Mouse and the roadracers on it. His excitement when we opened it up was priceless! This is one that we still actively use in our bathroom for him.

Potty Training Toilet Seat with Step Ladder-$30
*This fun toilet seat is a repurchase from the one grandma got (As if we didn’t have enough potties already. Gotta love grandmas!) The original one slid on the seat and wasn’t as sturdy, but this one is fantastic! It has turned into Duce’s favorite. Every time he uses it he tells us how much he likes it! 😊

  • Pros: Portable in the sense that once you are done you can close it and store it on the side of the toilet
    • The stairs are sturdy and holds your child’s weight well (my son is 32lbs)
    • There are handles that your child can use to pull themselves us as they use the stairs to get up to the toilet and turn around to sit down.
    • The potty hole is big enough where you can avoid spills even though there is no guard for our lovely boys.
    • Padding n the seat is very comfortable and covers a good portion of the toilet preventing splashes.
  • Cons: There is a lot of slip on the actual seat; it comes with grip pieces but they fall off easily, causing the seat so slide while in use sometimes
    • No guard for boys use, but the actual seat opening is big enough to prevent pee spills.
    • When in use, it takes up a good amount of space in front of the toilet, but remember it can be stored easily when not in use

This infamous one came in and stole the show! My son loves them and I think it is because of the little more independence he has with it. The ladder is sturdy and wide enough to hold him as he steps up on it and gets help from mommy and daddy turning around at first but with practice independently. The handles are great for balance and producing successful bowel movements. We usually leave it out on the toilet, but we love how easy it is to put on the side of the toilet when we have guest and want them to be able to access this bathroom as well. 

The Extras!
Aside from what I have shared above there isn’t much else I used beside the potty chart to track Duce’s progress, books we read almost every day for the first couple of weeks to encourage him to go potty, and lastly a potty watch! I have to be honest and say that Duce hated the potty watch by day two, and even hid it from us. We didn’t find it for weeks! He was not happy when it went off to notify him it was time to go try and potty. Pretty funny for us as parents, because we knew him hiding it didn’t stop the potty training. Below are pictures and prices for these great extras!

Potty Training Reward Chart-$8screenshot_20191017-123512_amazon shopping4099334272024673158..jpg

Potty Watch-$12screenshot_20191017-124205_amazon shopping3137726238708554919..jpg

Book List:

  • Potty by Leslie Patricelli
  • The Potty Train by David Hochman
  • Big Boy Underpants by Fran Manushkin

I’d love to answer any questions you may have about these potties to help you make the best purchase. Just comment below. Also, share what has worked for you and your little one. Be on the look out for another review on a portable urinal we’re going to try out with our big boy! Because public bathrooms…yeah. That’s a whole other post!

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~Soli deo Gloria💜

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