The Virtual Classroom: Online ESL Teacher

I made over $13,000 in my pajamas!

Over $13,000 in one year, in my pajamas you guys! Doing what I love…TEACHING! So many of you know that before I was a stay-at-home mommy, I was an educator. I have been in education for almost 10 years and recently went into the classroom 6 months before my dear son was born. Due to his health and our relocation to a new city, we decided that me staying at home with him was the best option. I was sad at first, because I was just beginning my teaching career in the classroom, and I had loved every minute of it! However, my role as a mother was so much more rewarding and important.

So back to this $13,000 I made in my pajamas in 2018. It was done all through teaching English to Chinese children online. Over the last year I have not only been teaching for VIPKID, but I have also added two other companies, GogoKid and SayABC to my portfolio. These 3 companies have afforded my family the abilities to save, travel, and most importantly pay off debt and surprise bills. Between all three companies I work Monday through Sunday 2-3 hours a day. A couple of times a month I take Mondays off, and other times when we have family trips planned or I just need a break, I may take a week or weekend off! Flexibility at its finest! I wake up 3:30am most mornings and start teaching at 4am and finish by 7:30am. All while my Duce is still sleep. That’s the joys of being an independent contractor with flexible hours on a schedule that you build.

This past year of online ESL teaching has been so fun and lucrative for my family and me. I have met over 200 kids in China and have taught over 1200 classes. The money is great, but for me, what has been greater is seeing my students who have become regulars that I see every week, progress in learning the English language. They are wonderful students who really apply themselves and have supportive parents who support their child and me as their teacher. I have made connections with kids via China’s social media platform, similar to Instagram, called WeChat. There I am able to see my students and their families through pictures and videos. I also share pictures of myself and my family and what we love to do. Giving them a taste of America in fun adventures full of joy, diversity and adventure. This makes being their teacher so much more impactful, because we learn more about one another’s interests and build relationships through conversations and sharing a piece of us. I have become friends with moms, realizing that we are believers and desire to share the gospel with others and raise our children up to be believers as well. We have shared parenting advice and even personal experiences with our family and friends.

My desire is for every stay-at-home mom or dad to know that there are great opportunities available to you to work from home while caring for your dear children. And for every friend, colleague, associate, neighbor or stranger to also know that they can earn extra money before and after work or on the weekends without ever leaving their homes. Whether you need the extra money for bills or vacations, or need an outlet to keep those brain cells flowing, or just miss teaching. Whatever it is, these great companies and many others are out there and always hiring. I would love to help you join this amazing journey, walking you through the application, hiring and new hire process. See my links below, and feel free to email me with questions! I am an open book and always down for a Zoom meeting!

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~Soli deo Gloria💜

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