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Terminal B: Baby Whitaker to Texas…What were we thinking?!?!

So that God awful dreadful time finally arrived…you know the one everyone talks about, stress and sweat about-flying with a baby! Let’s be real, you have all given that mom with the screaming baby on the plane the side eye a time or two. So to be the momma that might get it back now, I was nervous-scared. I didn’t want to impede on anyone’s traveling, but I also wanted to make sure that my little boy had the smoothest experience as a first time flier at almost 5 months old. My husband and I were flying to San Antonio to go house hunting for our relocation in the weeks to follow. And of course, good ol’ Omaha didn’t have a direct flight, so we had a layover in Minneapolis equating to about seven and a half hours (including layover) both ways! LOOOOOONNNNNNNGGGGGG!!!! So how did my Ducey Bear do? How did Mommy and Daddy survive?

Duce did PHENOMENAL! Like if there were enough stars in the store that could equate to the stars in the sky I would give them all to him! He did so well that the guy sitting across from us told us that we “had a very good baby who did a really good job” before he got off the plane! High five to Mommy and Daddy! Check out below what worked for us on our first airplane ride with baby boy:

(NOTE: One wild thing about traveling within the states with your baby is that airlines don’t ask for identification for your baby. Which is kind of scary, because anyone can take a baby on a flight and not be questioned if it is there. As a mom I think about kidnapping right away and that concerns me! Airlines need to do better. Either way, bring a copy of your baby’s birth certificate just in case they decide to wise up when you travel!)

  • Feed baby: I nursed before we left home and gave him about another 6 oz before we went through airport security.
    • I was SUPER concerned that they would make me pour my milk out, so I made sure that he at least drank all but 3 oz of the bottle.
  • Wear baby: I carried him in our Ergobaby Carrier through the airport and on the plane.
    • I was only required to take him out of the carrier at departure and landing.
  • Protect baby: Made sure to have a blanket to wrap him in along with his pacifier for his ears and comfort (kept in his diaper bag we carried on).
  • Sanitize for baby: We had lysol wipes and hand sanitizer with us in our carry on-because planes and airports are DISGUSTING!
    • My husband took the job of sanitizing our seats, belts, trays, etc.


  • Sanitize AGAIN for baby:Not to fear, he cried and was soothed by pacifier. Daddy went into superhero mode and got us to a family bathroom as soon as we landed!
    • He sanitized the area/bathroom (Hey! I thought it was a bit wild at first but was thankful as we began to clean Duce up).
    • Went and got a large trash bag from one of the kiosk to put soiled clothes in (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pack a spare set of clothing for your baby-ALWAYS).
    • When we were done and all cleaned up, he sanitized our belongings that touched anything bathroom related! Cleanliness is NOT a game in our house!
  • Entertain baby: Bring toys with you to keep them distracted.
  • Protect baby: The window is the best seat. You don’t want to be stuck in the middle, if you have to get up and walk with little one to sooth them, or go to their TINY bathroom (I refused-hence us sitting with little one in his soiled glory until we landed). The aisle seat is just as worse because of all the bathroom traffic you get from many on the plane and the flight attendants. You don’t want your baby to get knocked over the head or anyone to feel inclined to touch them as they are passing by (and have barely if at all washed their hands).
  • Dress comfortably-sneakers are a must when you are toting a baby around the airport.
    • Dress warm for the flight but not too warm that you overheat since you are wearing your baby.
  • If you can afford it, no carry-on except for diaper bag.
    • When you get to the kiosk to get your tickets let the attendant know that you are carrying a baby in your lap (free ticket) so that they can make sure it is on your printed ticket.
      • TSA will see and you won’t have to take your shoes off! #WINNING
    • If you are not fortunate enough like we were to have a car seat and stroller available for our use during our trip (shout out to my SIL Deanna), check them at the gate and NOT at the ticket kiosk with attendant. You can purchase a travel bag to protect them-both for about $70! Car Seat/Stroller Covers
  • While walking through airport keep baby’s head covered as much as possible-there are a lot of people who cough, sneeze, try and touch and God knows what else around you.
    • Johnson and Johnson has Head-to-Toe cleansing wipes and hands and face portable wipes, (Head-to-Toe Wipes  and Hands and Face Wipes  ) that are a lifesaver while traveling! Use during flight/after-flight to keep baby clean and free of as many germs as possible.

That’s all I have for now mommas! I hope that your flying travel experience is just as grand and rewarding as ours was (minus the blow-out). Just remember to stay calm, love extra on your baby, pack a goody bag if you so please for the person next to you to thank them for their patience, and PRAY! We did a lot of it with all the flights we had to take! We prayed for our little boy, our anxiety, the pilots, plane and the people on the plane. God had us…LIKE ALWAYS! Philippians 4:6-7 (Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus).

~Soli Deo Gloria💜

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1 thought on “Terminal B: Baby Whitaker to Texas…What were we thinking?!?!”

  1. I like the goody bag idea! I will show a little more compassion for families traveling with babies moving forward after this post.


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