🎒Homeschooling in Nebraska🌽🏈

Happy New Year, Mommas! 🎉🎆 4th quarter was rough for me! 😫With 2 birthdays, holidays and finishing out 4th quarter with launching my Publishing Agency- Water Rocks Publishing, and celebrating my first year as an author with my big boy, I was exhausted, stressed, overwhelmed and excited all at the same time. So, I am thrilled that the new year is here. I feel like it’s a time to reset, refresh and refocus on our purpose, mission and assignments as mommas, momprenuers, wives, businesswomen and all the other hats we wear every day! I strive so much to give others grace, that I have had to remind myself that I deserve that same grace from myself. Give yourself GRACE mommas! 💜

School’s back in session and things are a tad bit different. Adjustments have been difficult with being in a city with different attractions and activities, or the lack thereof, limited homeschooling groups and don’t forget to factor in COVID. But the 🌈 rainbow of it all is God is sovereign and provides just what we need exactly when we need it, so I’m encouraged and excited for this homeschool journey in my hometown. I even hope to help other mommas I know and don’t know to start their own homeschool journey with their littles.

So what’s new? Well we switched from worksheets/ curriculum to project theme base schooling. And boy has it been fun! I didn’t realize how much fun we would have. Honestly, I loved how it has allowed me to be more creative in lesson planning and implementing activities, projects and more with them. I started by asking Duce and even Elisha what did they want to learn. From there I created unit studies around those topics, that incorporated reading, math, science, and history. Check out some of our highlights from 1st semester at Whitaker Scholars Academy!💙📚💚

Our Classroom!

Switching up homeschooling this way, I have found that not only are they both very engaged as they learn about the different themes, but they are retaining way more information than before. Duce is more vocal about what he loves to learn about, how he likes to learn, and has even taken it upon himself to be the “teacher” sometimes with Elisha and me! This is has been cute, funny and informative, because it allows me to evaluate what and how he is retaining, and areas we still need to work on.

So as we enter into 2nd semester (we do three semesters, meaning our 3rd semester occurs during the summer since we learn year-round), I am more confident in my lesson planning, support resources, and our education time, because I think I have found what works for us for now. Do we have days where Duce isn’t feeling it and we have to take a break. YES!!! Lots!! But I have discovered that using that time to play board games, puzzles, or learning games and activities with Reading Eggs or Osmo has given him the brain breaks he needs, while still ensuring that he is learning (he doesn’t know it but momma does!😁🤫). It’s a win-win!🎉🎉

I am constantly reminding myself to focus on Whitaker Scholars Academy, not comparing us to public school, private school or someone else’s homeschool, we are doing what works best for us. Don’t let comparison steal your joy. Whether you are homeschooling, or being the best momma you can, you are doing your best. And if you feel you aren’t, then step it up to the level you know and believe you can. But remember one thing, your children love you, believe in you and trust you. Never take that for granted as you journey along on this parenthood rollercoaster. 💙🎢💙

Keep Proverbs 31:26-28 close to your heart and keep striving for greatness with yourself and your family.

If you want to keep up with what the Whitaker Boys are learning, join my Facebook Group: Learning with Mommy by D.M. Whitaker. I post videos, resources, and tips and provide a community for mommas to ask questions and share their experiences!

If you are wondering about homeschooling, researching, just getting started and have questions or want accountability, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I am always willing to share my experience and offer any support or resources I have to help the next momma on her journey with her little ones. Email: or inbox me on IG: @dmwhitaker_writes

🌟Shine Bright!🌟


5 thoughts on “🎒Homeschooling in Nebraska🌽🏈”

  1. I homeschooled my three children for 12 years combined from Pre-K to Graduating. We were unschoolers and did a combination of learning methods. I always loved doing unit studies.

    I love how you have your learning centers set up. I homeschooled before homeschooling was hip, and I wished there had been more online communities at the time, like there are now.

    I did, however, start a homeschool cooperative that I was the Director of for four years and we met once a week for P.E., classes and field trips. Those were among the best memories of my life. Enjoy the journey, it goes fast. 🙂


    1. Wow! That is so wonderful to hear! We are looking forward to doing more co-ops this year. They really build social skills, community and character. Thank you for sharing your awesome journey! I am soaking it all in, day by day! My goal is until graduating as well! God willing!


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