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What is COVID-19 🦠Teaching Me as a Momma? PART 2: Alone⏰ Time is Necessary📍⚠️

As a stay at home momma, alone time can be very foreign, especially in the middle of a pandemic. Some days I feel like I am always on and have neglected myself in a major way. But my family is cared for with their needs and wants, I feel successful in how I have been homeschooling Duce for the week, and Elisha is hitting more and more milestones and gaining independence. So I call those days and weeks a win for me as a momma. But let me tell you, I have realized in the pandemic that I am not winning when it comes to ME! Sounds familiar? I’m sure it does, because as moms we always put ourselves last and neglect to give ourselves the very best. Whether that is quiet time with the Lord, a good nap, a little self-care love or doing things that fulfill us and pour into our happy jar…most of the time we are suffering in silence when it comes to our needs. But Jesus shows us that even after we do for others, giving them our best, it is important to have alone time. This is seen in Mark after Jesus does teaching, baptizing and healing in Galilee. Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed” (Mark 1:35). In light of this pandemic we don’t need to leave our houses, but we can find a quiet place in our home while it is still dark and spend that necessary alone time with the Lord. 

I have had some really good conversations with my best friend about this who has been a momma longer than me. And in those conversations we have been encouraging each other in this area. For us mommas sometimes that means getting up a little earlier than the family or staying up a little later to get that alone time. We sacrifice that sleep time because our hearts, soul and body need that special time of recharging, recentering and reclaiming. God needs it! God wants more time with us, and He definitely wants us taking care of ourselves so that we can operate at our best in the roles He has us in. It starts with Him. He is a great listener, helper and your greatest best friend! In our alone time with Him He spiritually fills us and guides us in our divine purpose. When we can master alone time with Jesus, we will surely be able to master our very own uniquely crafted self-care regimen that helps fill our cups, and doesn’t have us operating half empty or for many on E⌛️. Seek Him first-his kingdom and righteous, and all things will be given to us” (Matthew 6:33).

So how do we start to reclaim our alone time? MAKE A LIST!

  • Create a list of things that fulfill you📝
    • When can you do those things?🗓
      • Commit to them by making appointments📅 and setting alarms⏰in your phones to make sure you follow through on your self-care time 
      • Journal📓🖊 as a way to reflect on your time alone and for accountability of your goals, prayers and affirmations 

I’m inviting you along on this Momma Self-Care Journey with me. Let’s invest more in ourselves so we are our whole selves when we are Mommying by the Grace of God to our little ones. Trust me, you will have more patience, energy and grace with them because you are operating on FULL! Up for the challenge? Share in the comments how you plan on using your alone time. I’d love some accountability partners along this journey. We can do it together. 

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💜Soli deo Gloria

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3 thoughts on “What is COVID-19 🦠Teaching Me as a Momma? PART 2: Alone⏰ Time is Necessary📍⚠️”

  1. So timely & refreshing. I am joining the self-care journey! With baby number 2 on the way, my need for alone time and search for new ways to care for ME has been at the forefront of my mind. Thank you for this beautiful reminder and gentle nudge to get going. I am planning to make a list of ways to care for ME and working hard to stick to it pre-baby, w/ some post baby adjustments. Starting with a practice of prayer and stretching in the mornings : ).


    1. Thank you! I love that plan! You are so spot on with getting a routine together now for self care and adjusting when baby comes. It is easy to adjust and harder to establish once they are here-speaking from experience. So happy for you and your family and wishing you a blessed delivery and transition to a family of 4! 💜

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